Summer Breeze, Autumn Sunrise

September 23rd marked the official first day of autumn. This is a nice thought, but I can’t let myself get my hopes up for sweaters and hot tea-drinking next to a bonfire just yet — we’re notorious for Indian summers around here, and with the unseasonably hot summer I don’t imagine it will be going anywhere soon. October, let’s get a move on.

But, instead of lamenting the slow pace of fall, let’s think about how great the summer was. It was great! It sped by, and it was so full of wonderful, rich, lovely things. This has been my summer of:


Navy keds

Craft projects

Thrift store cutoffs


Simple entertainment with pups and chickens

Mad Men and gin & tonics


Michael Pollan

Farm-fresh eggs

Evening walks

Early morning Skype dates

Julienned kale and chard salads, fresh from the ground

Simplification and organization

Homebrewing, and the consequential imbibing of the homebrew

Eddie Vedder’s album Ukelele Songs

Scandinavian design and 60s blonde wood

Family and friends, and the natural overlap of the two

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Real food and raw food


Fresh herbs on everything

Planning for and dreaming of the future, and trusting that all good things will be provided.

*     *     *     *     *

What words or things or pictures or lovely things summed up your summer?


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