Today I’m at the second annual Wordcamp Fayetteville at the University of Arkansas. My fellow bloggers and developers and business owners will spend the day soaking up the wisdom of speakers and professionals, on everything from guest blogging to CSS. I don’t know what the latter is, but I hope to learn.

And, as a result, expect more blogging: yes, yes, I haven’t blogged in ages and my latest posts have been entirely without photographs, but bear with me. It’s summertime. I’ve had lots to do, like picking still-warm tomatoes from the garden and rehabilitating teenage chickens and Skype-ing with my cross-continental fiance.

And be warned: as the summer draws to a close, this also means that the school year is about to explode into action. I’ve got lots to do and big plans in which to do it all as the year goes by, and I hope to use this avenue to document my struggles and successes along the way.

In the meantime, watch my Twitter feed for tidbits from Wordcamp Fayetteville, and check out our running hashtag feed at #wcfay.


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