Let me just begin by saying that my wedding planning to-do lists are RIDICULOUS. And amazing. This is so fun!

I’ve been home for about a month now and it’s been divine. In addition to spending precious time with my family, pups, in the garden and out pounding the pavement in the cool of the evening (don’t get too excited — I can count the miles I’ve run on one hand), I’ve been slowly chipping away at my to-do lists for the wedding. Most of the preliminary stuff is research: which vendors have what I want? Who can give me the best deal? Is it really practical to build my own letterpress machine and make all of my save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards and signage by hand? (The answer to this last one is no.) This week my mom and I have several appointments lined up to interview a potential florist, event rental vendors, a day-of coordinator, and we might even sneak in a visit to a dress shop if we’re lucky. All the while, I’m pricing burlap and bulk paper, scribbling ideas, allotting percentages of the budget to certain aspects of the wedding, and cutting bunting flags until blood drips onto my pinking shears.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but this is not: Hands down, I know that pinking shears will be my very best investment in this entire wedding planning/crafting process. Hemming napkins, table runners and bunting flags? No siree. I’ve got my trusty pinking shears to give me a pretty zig-zag edge and I’m donezo.

Across my engagement, I’ve collected a pile of bridal magazines that have slowly taken over my bedroom floor. Yesterday I made it my mission to consolidate said magazines into a manageable pile of inspiration clippings, and today I categorized them and tucked them safely into a three-ring binder. Notes and photos of things I like are kept under tabs like “Planning,” “Style,” “Decor,” “Flowers,” and “Invites.” And today, mom and I spent the better part of an hour looking up cool fonts and playing on InDesign. Don’t worry – she’s a graphic designer, so no typefaces were harmed in the process.

A couple days before I got super crafty and sketched out an adorable map to be scanned and sized down and sent to our guests along with the invitations, instructing them how to find our venue and navigate the town. Right now it’s just in pen and ink, but I might do a bit of watercoloring to add interest. Or I might keep it black and white, and then add some color and frame it as a memento for our future house together. It’s pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. (And I wish I could include a photo but my camera is sick and at the doctor’s for an extended period.)

Through all this, whenever I feel like I might just fall down, I’m so dizzy from thinking and dreaming and planning and scheming, I remember that I am preparing to marry my best friend. All that matters is that we are united as man and wife, and that we have all the people that we love there with us to enjoy the day. Personalized favors and handmade garters, be damned!


One thought on “Streamlining

  1. I would like to second your thoughts about the pinking shears. We used them to make our own table cloths, table runners, decorative flags and (of all things!) curtains for all the windows in our venue… and pinking shears saved my life. We also handmade all of our save the dates, invitations and RSVP cards- not with a homemade letterpress machine, but with cardstock, handpunches, various pretty papers and vellum- and it was a nightmare. It was a really pretty nightmare that turned out fine in the end, but nonetheless.

    Also, I’ve probably already told you this (and probably more than once!) but was seriously one of the best resources EVER during our wedding planning process.

    Lastly- my list was also breathtakingly extensive, exhausting and amazing. It will get you through it. šŸ™‚ And let me know if you need any help/advice/sanity from someone who has gone through it recently, okay? šŸ™‚

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