I began this season with an inordinately large list of things to do: little craft projects, big accomplishment goals, travel ideas, and the silly thought that I could do everything at once and still be a sane person, enjoying her summer at home. Needless to say, that was all too much to ask.

Last night, as I was reflecting on this need I have to always be going, doing, planning and accomplishing, I came to the realization that all of this go-go-going is not going to make me any great memories. I’m at home for this summer to soak up every last bit of pre-college grad/pre-married life goodness here on the farm. (Not that being a college grad or a new wife are bad things by any means — just different.)

I’m home for this summer not to escape from the world to read all of the books on my list or to adhere to a ridic-strict diet or to beef up my stockpile of recipes, but rather to be my parents’ daughter, that little girl from Green Forest. I’m here to rest and relax and get my body and my mind and my soul back in sync after a crazy year and in preparation for another crazy year.

Sure, I’ve already blown my wedding dress diet plan today: Cheerios for breakfast (who eats that stuff??), chips&salsa and quesadillas for lunch, a new loaf of homemade bread and the most incredible peach upside-down cake for dinner (I made both). And I’m drinking a beer. CARBBS.

But I’m spending good time with my people, and my people who aren’t people (pets), and with myself.

I have dreams and hopes and plans, but right now I’m taking it easy and in one breath at a time.


One thought on “breath

  1. Good for you! Enjoy your last summer at home with your parents, preparing for a “new” normal. When someone told me that, that getting married and being out of college would be not bad or good, but a “new normal,” it helped me to understand what was really happening to me. It’s bittersweet for sure! 🙂

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