God of our city

In this time of terrible devastation all across the South – in Tuscaloosa, in the flooding in southern Arkansas, and now in the tornado disaster in Joplin, Mo. – we must all take the time to be so, so grateful for our lives.

Our lives. It’s as simple as that: I am thankful that I am alive.

There are so many survivors in Joplin right now that are just as thankful, and in turn are mourning the loss of their loved ones. The death toll has crossed one hundred by now, and the debris and damage is just enormous.

What can we do to help? First, we can pray. We can pray to our great God who is so merciful and gracious, and whose heart breaks at the pain of his children, yet whose heart rejoices to have many of his children in heaven and free from suffering.

We can give blood. We can volunteer our time with the Red Cross and other organizations. We can donate food, jackets, medical equipment, lodging and sleeping materials. We can give money and continue to send our love in that way.

But most of all, keep praying for our displaced brothers and sisters in Joplin because they are in hands bigger and more loving than we can ever imagine. As one of my friends from Joplin rejoiced, “He is the God of our city!”


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