Blushing Bridesmaids

Sometimes my mind gets taken over in physics lecture. I’m just sitting, reading my chapter on quantum physics (Who understands that stuff anyway?) and then – BAM – I’m composing save-the-date- prose and designing bunting. Gah! I hate/love this! And lately, I’ve been thinking about colors which, therefore, translates immediately into bridesmaid dresses. Do the math. It translates. Or maybe it has something to do with quantum physics.

I digress.

As far as theme/colors go, I guess you could say we’re drawn to the idea of a “non-color palette” color palette. (Andrew, I promise there are people [girls] out there who care about this stuff.) Nudes, soft summer fawn, creams and golds in a glowing gold field with glowing [non-gold] loved ones and the last warm rays of summer sunset.

Here are some pretty little things by which to be inspired.


With some drapey gold jewelry, stacked wedges, and a big flower for the hair? Yes!


So sweet and like a ballerina. This would also be great with a vintage gold locket and some sandals.


Brown wedges and a big straw hat would round this out perfectly. Totally romp-worthy.


This is a modern mix between 50s housewife and Little House on the Prairie, two terms by which I want to build my wardrobe. But picture this in a field of sunshine, with little woven leather flats and a flute of champagne in one hand.


Dotted swiss is a great summer fabric, and this peachy-cream would set off an early tan in such a spectacular fashion.

*     *     *     *

Calling all bridesmaids — do you approve?



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