And so it begins: Again

Wedding planning began long ago for me, before there was any man in the picture and any glimpse of romance in my future. I’ve always been one of those little girls who dreams of a perfect, artistically arranged and yet whimsically irreverent wedding day, where there are tears and laughter and good beer and a stunning gown.

And this band. (source unknown)

All things wedding – blogs, books, magazines, conversations – have floated in the back of my head for years, and as the years have passed and the future plans come and gone, these ideas have morphed just as ephemerally. And now, with a real, live future husband, and a real, live diamond ring on my finger, it all seems a bit surreal.

Now I’m not just planning for a ceremony and a cool party – I’m planning for a new life. For a future with my best friend.

And that makes this little thing all the more special. The wedding is just a day – a day to remember and look back on fondly forever, yet – but only a day in a great big life of love and teamwork. Throughout this whole process, I want to keep my eyes focused on the marriage, the sacred nature of this commitment we are embarking upon, this incredible man that I have been so very blessed to know. I want to remember what is important.

So I’m starting to do my research, I’m asking questions, I’m looking for books, I’m reading articles, I’m searching Scripture. I want to really know what it is to love, and I want to translate that into a fantastic event that simply celebrates love: our love, God’s love and the love of everyone around us that has made this all possible.

Rhi from Hey Gorgeous offered up some great advice and a look back at the good and bad things she did in planning her wedding. Check out her do’s here and her don’ts here.

We want to keep it all simple, and I want the details to be beautiful. We want to keep the guest list small (we’ll see how that works out…) and we want to make it very personal. So let the dreaming begin! Again!


4 thoughts on “And so it begins: Again

  1. Love, I’m so excited for you! The website is a pretty fantastic community, full of intelligent discussions about wedding planning, family and new family, wedding readings, decorations, rings, the Wedding Industrial Complex, the way society portrays weddings and what “should” and “should not” be. When I found it (about six months into planning ours) I went back and read the entire archives in the space of a couple weeks. It was the single most helpful resource I found. The best thing, in my opinion, is the “wedding graduate” posts, where REAL MARRIED PEOPLE talk about the joys and trials of the wedding planning process and the beginning of their marriages.

    I also wanted to say that if you need any help/suggestions for wedding planning, we are 100% here for you. We planned our own last summer, pretty much planned Lindi’s mom’s in February, and helped with my college roommate’s that was recently, and are helping plan another one in July. That’s a lot of weddings!

    I’m so excited for you, my dear. I can’t wait to do pictures!!!

  2. Also, my recently married friends Angela and Phillip had a really lovely piece of scripture in their ceremony about taking off the wedding finery and putting on the spiritual clothing that supports Christian Marriage: the garments of compassion, patience, etc. It was beautiful. I can ask after the verse, if you would like. πŸ™‚

  3. Helen, I know you and Lindi have a fantastic perspective of weddings and marriage, and I would absolutely love to get your opinions and advice on the whole thing! Andrew and I also need to schedule some photos, and I’m excited about that too. I’ve been thinking a lot about your wedding, and all of the work and personality that went into it. The work you two did and the beautiful finished product is such an inspiration to me!

    And as soon as I write this, I’m going straight to “a practical wedding.” Thanks for the love and I can’t wait to see you soon! xoxo

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