Backward + Forward

Boy, has it been a while since I’ve made a real post! So much has happened in March – trips, assignments, spring break…Let’s just say that April completely snuck up on me. And here’s a look back at the goals for March:

– Run outside at least once a week. (I think I made 2/4 wks. on this one, and spring break doesn’t count…so 3/4 wks.)

– Take a road trip. (Took one to Helena, Ark., one to New Orleans, and to Hughes, Ark.!)

– Attend both a Protestant and a Catholic Ash Wednesday service. (Check!)

– Fast for Lent. (I’m fasting from reading blogs, and it’s freed up a lot of my time.)

– Bake a chocolate-Guinness cake for St. Patrick’s Day. (Mom did this one, and I helped by devouring almost all of it.) Recipe to come soon!

– Write my thesis proposal. (Accomplished!)

– FINISH DAVE RAMSEY BOOK. (Gah. Still unfinished.)

I did better for March than I did for February – 5.5/7 goals accomplished? I think that is admirable.

I’ll have to brainstorm a bit on my April goals, but until then, here’s what’s happened in the last month:

I baked lemon-almond scones on a Sunday morning.

My family adopted a new pup. His name is Grover, and he won’t be full-grown until he’s 2. He is currently only 1.

I went to New Orleans for spring break to do service projects and love on people. And eat lots of beignets.

I was part of a project that collected and donated more than 2,000 books to elementary students in the Arkansas Delta.

*     *     *     *     *

It has been one doozy of a month, and I imagine April will be even more so.

What’s going on with you all these days?


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