el marzo

March is here, like a lion. And did you also know that today is National Pancake Day? I’m a bit disappointed in the people that decide it is national — day. Traditionally, Pancake Day (at IHOP, etc) coincided with Shrove Tuesday, known to the general public as Fat Tuesday and the day in which everyone is encouraged to gorge upon the fluffy, golden cakes. The next day, traditionally, is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the somber Lenten season and leads up to Easter Sunday.

But apparently we’re a week off. Whatevs. Expect a stellar pancake recipe this time next week instead!

As far as my monthly goals are concerned, I kind of fell by the wayside in February. Let’s review, shall we?

February Goals: Establish a consistent morning routine; Maintain my 3-4 x a week yoga commitment; Increase cardio workouts; Finish my Dave Ramsey book and Children of Perdition; Send mail and handmade gifts to friends at home and abroad; Set and commit to daily writing exercises; Do a cleanse.

So…I’m kind of doing a cleanse now. And I finished Children of Perdition but have yet to complete my Dave Ramsey finance book. Yoga? Eh, I have lapsed. I feel bad. I mean, really, I feel bad – all stiff and compressed and anxious. But I have been upping my running a teeny bit. Case in point: after school/work today I came home, donned my spanking new running tights and took a brief jaunt around the neighborhood. I barely got in a mile before the sun began setting, but man, I felt invincible in those running tights. I definitely recommend them.

I did manage to hand-craft a slew of Valentine’s Day cards for all of my beloveds across the world, but the other goals I have not been as stringent in keeping.

However, February has been a good month, and I’m looking forward to the green the March will bring.


March Goals:

– Run outside at least once a week.

– Take a road trip.

– Attend both a Protestant and a Catholic Ash Wednesday service.

– Fast for Lent. (Haven’t decided on what to fast from yet.)

– Bake a chocolate-Guinness cake for St. Patrick’s Day.

– Write my thesis proposal.


*   *   *   *   *   *

What are your goals for this month?

There is such a beautiful stretch of time in front of us – let’s take the present and make it all our own.



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