Blue Skies and Washed Sidewalk

It’s already been a crazy week around here, and there is still more insanity to come. But I wanted to take a brief moment out of the exam-cramming and running around and errand-ing and homework-ing to celebrate what I see as the beginning of spring.

*   *   * Happy March 1, everyone! *   *   *

I understand that the real first day of spring is officially a few weeks away…but once that pesky February is out of here all I can think of is green grass, sunny days, and springtime frolics in the park.

In a bit I’ll be taking a look at my February goals list and making up a new group for the month of March. I also hope to post some photos of how spring is arriving here – I’ve seen daffodils and new baby grass and robins all over the place!

In the meantime, here are a few nice things:

While at home this weekend, I made these muffins, these newtons, and a German Chocolate birthday cake for my grandpa that looked like this:


Running is on the menu here, but I haven’t been able to brave the frosty temps. I purchased a new pair of running tights, and this lovely lady’s advice has been helpful, but I’m still a wimp. Any suggestions?

New crafting project.

Aaaand, the promise of a roadtrip in the near future. I’d love to do a project on how to make the best roadtrip you possibly can — what has been your favorite roadtrip?

xoxo, happy spring!


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