Good evening, all. I hope you are snuggled up somewhere cozy on this rainy night. Days like this remind me of being in Ireland, where a drizzle is always just a moment away. Somehow it seems much more romantic there than it is here – and especially so when one experiences Irish rains in the summer, rather than sideways Arkansas rains in February. Bleh.

February is kind of a no-good month, when I think about it. But in the swing of February, I like it a bit…we’ve had some excellent snow along with some downright warm weather, and it is, most importantly, propelling us into spring.

Here are some of my favorite spring treats to brighten up the grey drizzly night:

It’s the truth. Via.

All I need to dress up last year’s swimsuit and give me some incentive to get into bikini shape! {J.Crew}

Let’s retreat into the forest and watch the world come alive.

This skirt is classic and simple, and would look so cute with clogs and a floral blouse or flats and a flannel shirt.

Oh, Emerson. I love everything that you do.

The  next sunny day I am making a picnic brunch happen.

*   *   *   *

Happy end-of-February!


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