For the Love of the Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, my very first with my sweetheart and a beautiful February-springish day at that. I spent all day in the Delta, away from home base and primarily in Helena working a workshop about oral history with high school students from neighboring schools. [This all corresponds with a fantastic class I’m in – the Arkansas Delta Oral History Project]. The class/project/Delta/trip were all incredible, and I so enjoyed the weekend, but all I kept thinking about was getting home to my Valentine!

He picked me up from the vans after 11 p.m. last night – I was so tired and sore from riding in a 12-passenger van, dehydrated…not a pretty picture. But he zipped me right home in his shiny silver car and – to what, you ask? – revealed his Valentine’s Day surprise: a tidy room (mine), dotted with index cards (LOVE these) with adorable and witty sayings. I’ve been finding several hidden ones all day long – he’s so sneaky! To round out the amazing feat, he gave me chocolates, a beautiful red rose, and a letter (typewritten, no less) that is so precious to me.

He wasn’t the only sneaky one, though! I made him a gift and gave it to a friend, unbeknownst to Andrew, to slip it in his room yesterday morning. I liked making something by hand, and also scheming *naughty snicker*

We vowed to write each other letters and make the other something, respectively, each year. Valentine’s Day is truly a beautiful holiday if you try to make every day a celebration of love, and if the gesture to celebrate the occasion is personal and heartfelt…and handmade!

*     *     *     *     *

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

{{Isn’t my sweetheart fantastic? This was the sweetest surprise!}}


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