Today marks the occasion of my very first blog giveaway, sponsored by none other than the illustrious Helen + Lindi of operationpetticoat on Etsy. They make beautiful jewelry with everything from these cobochon beads, to tiny flowers with Duponi silk. Pins, headbands, bridal accessories, earrings, bracelets…Their store is chock full of beautiful, handmade goodies. Check them out!

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This giveaway is not just for the bejeweled and the pierced: fellas, need something pretty for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Enter here. Gals, need something to spruce up your layers? (Because dang, it’s cold out there!)

All entries are welcome for this delicate pair of gray chrysanthemum cobochon bead earrings:

Aren’t they so pretty?

To enter for a chance to win, tell me about your most treasured memory of a snow day in the comment box below. Only one comment per person, please, but for extra chances to win, re-tweet or Facebook post this giveaway and leave me a comment telling me how you’ve been spreading the word.

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Contestants have until this weekend to enter, and on Saturday I’ll randomly draw a winner and announce who is the lucky recipient of these lovelies. Seriously – they are so pretty. If my ears were pierced I would keep them for myself!

Just a reminder: the giveaway ends on Saturday. Comment below about your favorite snow day memory and, for extra chances to win, re-tweet or give a Facebook shout-out for the giveaway and let me know how you’ve been using the magical world of social media. Thanks for playing, all, and again – a big thank you to Helen + Lindi!



46 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. Hey Erin,

    One of my favorite snow memories is when I was 15 and my best friend and I had our respective older brothers drive us around on four-wheelers. We spend hours out in the cold, climbing hills that seemed way to steep for safety and drudging through muck and puddles. We felt like the coolest, most adventurous teen girls around. I still love thinking about it.

  2. OOOHHHHHHHHHH MEEEEEE! Pick me, pick me! these earrings are so beautiful. Best snow memory: Rough-housing in the snow with sweet Billy! We bundled up and went sledding, and then we decided to make snow angels in the piled up puffiness! After that, he pushed me and it was all over. I tackled him, and he caught me by the leg and tossed me in the air, so I fell into the snow upside down and got a facefull of fresh snow! Then we just generally wrestled for awhile- best workout/snow fun ever! And then we went inside, got into warm clothes, and ate yummy, hot soup. 🙂

  3. Hey Erin!

    My favorite memory was when I was about 7 or 8 and the snow knocked out the electricity in the rural area that I grew up in. When this happened, it would be days before it could be fixed. My grandparents lived just up the hill from my house, so I walked up there to visit because my cousins were leaving my little sister and I out of all the knee-boarding fun since we were the babies of the group. My grandpa went to his shop and built a sled of a sort, a board large enough for both of us with rope handles fastened to it, attached it to the 4-wheeler and took my sister and I around the field on it until we were wore out. When we came back in, Grandma had made a dinner on the dutch oven with snow cream for dessert. It was just the four of us sitting around the fireplace and we really had the best time. They always had a way of making us feel so special, just like they did that day. I was just reminiscing with my sister about this earlier today as we were building a snowman! Thanks for letting me share!

  4. My favorite and most recent memory of a fun snow day is holding on tight to a queen-sized blow up mattress tied with a rope and tethered to a 4-wheeler while my husband pulled me across the frozen, snow-slathered pasture going waaay tooo fast! Wheeee! Talk about a rush! So. Much. Fun!

  5. Taking my engagement pictures in the snow 🙂

    Something so frivolously girly about prancing around in the snow in high heels.

    So glad you’re doing giveaways sweet sister!!

  6. My favorite snow memory is a day in grade school when Mom bundled my sister and I up until we could barely bend our arms and legs and my whole family built a snowman together. Mom, Dad, and both of us girls – all together. It was such a rare occasion for us all to have the time to do something so childish and free together . . .

  7. My favorite snow memory is living in Iowa when I was about nine during an April snowstorm. The drifts resembled an ocean wave, became hardened and we were able to walk over them and sit under them. What a different view of the world!

  8. One of my favorite snow day memories was when I was younger, my dog used to pull me up and down our driveway on a sled when it was covered in snow. She was a bull terrier and all muscle. I even have video tapes of it too. I look like I’m having the greatest time ever, I loved that dog so much.

  9. When I was a kid we would always play in the snow, but I think my favorite memory happened last year!
    We were at the Beau’s family’s house for Christmas and it poured down the snow! We ended up with about 6 inches (Which is a lot for us! LOL!) and of course we decided to go play in the snow! So me,23, my beau,24, his sister,21, and their neighbor,22, were outside having a snow ball fight and sledding! We had a blast!

    Although, I do love snow days when the beau and I can just hang out in front of the fire and relax and watch something on netflix.

  10. My favorite memory was when I was 7 and my friends and I played with snow for the first time up in Reno. We wanted to make a snowman but instead of making one, we stole some pictures with someone else’s snowman 🙂 Other than that, at the hotel we stayed at, I saw this couple write a love note on another hotel’s roof! :O

  11. I went to walk out the door one morning to go to school only to find a huge snowman was in my way. The best part was we lived on the third floor so who ever blocked our doorway with a snowman had to carry all that snow up three flights of stairs.

  12. I live in Florida and I’m 18 years old. 18 years of my life have been spent under the melting sun and I’ve never witnessed snow. In my mind I can imagine a big snow cone machine breaking ice all over the place, and being able to taste it on my tongue. Or possibly waking up on a sunday morning to icicles hanging from dead naked trees.

    someday i’ll see snow and lay in it all day until i reach hypothermia.
    until then I’m going to have to dwell in the seasonal heat that florida brings all year round :/

  13. I’m the youngest, with a brother 8 years older than me and sister 11 years older than me. One winter day when Christmas was nearby and I was 12 years old, we were hit with more snow than my Connecticut hometown was used to.
    After eating peanut butter Cap’n Crunch in my pj’s (something that was truly a luxury in my household), we put on our boots, snow pants and puffy jackets to enjoy the sensation of being fully waterproof. After running around from snowball fights and few snow angels, my brother had what it is still one of the most infamous ideas of my childhood.
    For years there were two kayaks that sat lifelessly in our garage. They were the victims of fizzled out hobbies, and often begged to be used every time we parked. This was finally the day that they’d once again have their shining moment.
    After carving a path down our all too steep driveway, I stuffed myself in, the mass tipping at the peak with my brother somehow in there as well.
    And with a couple of shuffles there we went. In a matter of seconds, we whooshed down the hill and ended up… the neighbors yard.
    Over minestrone, I was really happy. And it was because the gap had been bridged, we were siblings making a moment together. And I loved it.

  14. This one is a bit creepy (but true!). When I was about 5 yo, my parents took us tobogganing in a cemetery. I have clear memories of twilight, shushing down the hill, avoiding the headstones. HEH. Hey, they had a hill!! And NO ONE else was in the cemetery, the snow was great. Still makes me smile.

  15. My favorite snow day was just a few weeks ago. I got up & ready for work when i went downstairs and realized I couldnt even open the door to get outside. No work! So I spent the day knitting, watching movies & cop shows, and spending some quality time with my boyfriend. It was great!

  16. My favorite snow day was just last week and it was actually a snow NIGHT after a snow day. My daughter and I went outside to stand in the quiet because we heard Snow Thunder! It was a crazy experience to see lightning and hear thunder during a snow storm!

  17. My favorite snow day was New Years 1999, and I was 10. We had record amounts of snow and I spent the day outside building forts in the plow mountains and playing with my dog, who at 50lbs (and not overweight) was still shorter than the snow. He bounded all over the yard like Pepe Le Pew, and got lost under the powder on a couple of occasions, while I ran behind him laughing the whole time.

  18. You know, one of my favorite memories is going out with some friends in college to sled. We were in our very early 20s, and that early phase of drinking and being lazy had just started to set in. I was so thankful when one friend insisted that we get outside and make use of the snow. We had so much fun, and I could have missed it from being lazy. I’m glad I didn’t!

  19. Oh, that is a toughy! Mine would have to be when my sister and I got to spend the entire day sledding and building forts out of our trashcans. Then mom would come out with a container of syrup and we would make syrup candy in the snow!

  20. Last year I spent the whole of December and Christmas with my former host family in Québec, Canada… and guess what: hardly any snow! For some reason weather tends to be super-mild in Québec whenever I go there (perhaps to spare the poor Austrians). And then I flew home after Christmas to Vienna and Vienna is not known for lots of snow. But OMG it was white! And beautiful to come home – and cuddle up with the boyfriend on the green sofa and watch the snow outside! So beautiful!

  21. A blizzard stranded me in New York one Christmas, which was a huge bummer for my travel plans, but my now-fiancee and I got a whole day to walk around the fresh snow because we had no plans or responsibilities for a whole day!

  22. One of my many favorite snow day memories was when my border collie, Ace and I, spent the entire day prancing in the snow, playing snowball catch and then burying him from the neck down in snow. He loved it and it was the best snow day ever.

  23. i live in florida, so snow days are very hard to come by… but one year, when i was about 13, there was a freak snowstorm. we had maybe an inch, two tops, but it was the coolest thing EVER! we broke out plastic laundry baskets & storage tub lids, and slid around the yard like it was the arctic tundra. within an hour the snow was gone, but that day has stuck with me for (ahem) 23 years. good times!

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  25. Favorite memory of a snow day is having a January day off from to school to build a snow fort with my brother on the front lawn. It was so tall that we were able to climb on it everyday for the remainder of the winter.

  26. Two winters ago we got slammed with snow, the same year my husband had been out of work for several months. We were prepared for a very modest Christmas but instead were blessed with everything from an 8′ Grand Fir, to a $500 shopping spree AND gifts from a family that adopted us for the holidays…it was a lavish, white Christmas unlike any we’ve had before. As the snow fell steadily that Christmas morning, with well over a foot already on the ground, I was just so aware of how good God is and how much He enjoys being lavish in His love for us. It will be a snowy winter to remember always!

  27. Love love LOVE those earrings!
    My favorite snow memory was digging out a fort inside a giant snow pile the snowplow left with my neighbors. We spent a solid 6 or 7 hours straight working on it, only going inside for some snacks and dry mittens. Coolest memory, really experiencing childhood at its finest.

  28. I havent had a snow day yet, born and raised in Florida. But hopefully next Christmas, Ill be in Pittsburg with my boyfriend, seeing snow. 🙂

  29. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! screeched the alarm barely two hours after falling into a deep sleep after a late night of pretending like I was actually studying for the accounting exam I was to take first thing in the morning. A snow day has never been more welcome! Instead of bundling up in the classic winter gear, I decided on a bikini and proceeded to have a dance party in my bathroom with myself and the mirror as the only attendees. Once all boogied out, I changed into my favorite hot pink sundress and apple print lime green galoshes, with no jacket to hide this bold outfit- and I was off to the courtyard of the apartment complex where I went to frolic and sing in the celebrated snow. I then set out to visit all of my neighbor friends until the day turned into night… needless to say, the night passed by without an accounting book being opened.

  30. One of my favorite snow days was when I was in elementary school and it snowed so much that school was canceled. There was over 4 feet of snow. My dad took us out and we build a 7 foot snowman. It was the greatest snowman that ever was 🙂

  31. I don’t know if it’s to Chandra’s taste, but just in case… For my 8th birthday I went to Disneyland in Tokyo. We took a bullet train there, which was something I had always dreamed of doing. Then we got to Disneyland, which was a weekend full of amazingness and magic, like it should be. We even stayed at a 4-star hotel where the bathroom tiles were marble. On the way home, we only took the train halfway back. The rest of the way we drove home in my mom’s friend’s Mercedes, and it was snowing really heavily. And we were on a bridge. It was like a commercial, and the perfect ending to a magical weekend as I fell asleep for the rest of the way home.

    I guess that didn’t really have much to do with a snow day. But in Japan it snows a lot, so there weren’t many snow days… What made that night special was it was one of the last times I’d see snow in Japan, which was where I first saw snow. There was no snow in the Philippines, and I moved to the U.S. shortly after that.

  32. When I was in 7th grade, we went to Japan for a trip. This one particular hotel we went to was up in the mountains and it was a type of lodge looking building with extremely nice scenery and gardens. At night, we went to the outdoor saunas to relax and it began snowing. The cold snowflakes would disperse and disappear right when they reached the hot air rising from the water and it was a lovely sight to see. I was so glad that I was able to experience snow for the very first time and see such an extraordinary sight.

  33. I hope I’m not too late to enter! My favorite snowday ever was actually this week. No lie. I got up at 9, woke my husband up with breakfast in bed, and then we just watched 30 Rock episodes and talked for hours in bed. It was simple, but awesome. I just got to hang out with my best friend 🙂

  34. My favorite snow memory is …

    My brother and sister ( And me , of course 🙂 would hook up our sled to our three wheeler. Then my sis and I would jump onto the sled , and my brother would drive the 3-wheeler . (Did I mention our big red dog chasing us , while attempting to grab our scarves ? LOL ! )

  35. My favorite snow day memory is when I made a snow fort with my brother only to realize it was useless against his future snowball attacks. I spent the rest of the day inside with hot cocoa.

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