[Call And] Response

Thanks to all of you out there who responded to my questionnaire, and for those of you who visited and at least thought about your answers, silly as these questions may be.

Today is another snow day, and I am so very thankful for all of this piled-up powder and the gorgeous swirling flakes that, in celebration, today I’ll be hosting a giveaway from my sweet friends Helen + Lindi!

*** Watch for more details this afternoon***

1. What is your most dear object – the first thing you would grab to save in the instance of a fire?

I would grab my journals – my current one, my little journal from Ireland… – and the little cedar chest (grandmother’s) in which I keep all of my letters and poems from Andrew. If I had time, I’d grab my great-grandmother’s locket, which has a photo of my great-grandfather inside. And, again, if I had time, I would try to save my camera. Goodness, I hope there isn’t a fire.

2. What is your favorite dessert?

I realized this would be a difficult question when I posed it…Definitely sticky toffee pudding from Innishboffin, Ireland, as well as the softest, traditional chocolate chip cookies in the world. Plus, anything homemade: cakes (Bohemian Wedding, Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Carrot!), pies, fudge. And chocolate. Mmm.

We can eat dessert for breakfast on snow days, right?

3. What do you do when you’ve had a really no-good, rotten, bad day?

I answered this yesterday, and truly that is what I like to do: get away for a bit, clear my head and rest, eat a snack, cuddle and then talk it all out. And if the weather is permissible, I like to go for a run or a long walk. Thankfully, I am surrounded by such loving, understanding people, and a God who provides snow days.

4. If you could be doing anything right now – time, money, or resources be damned – what would you do?

I would be a writer – freelance, copy writer, fiction, non-fiction…I would own my own company and make things or write things or cook things for a living. I would be in Galway, Ireland, working at Living Word Family Church. I would be at the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona, working with the White Mountain Christian Church. I would be in South Africa, working at the little school down by Dundee. I would travel all over the world: Canada, Argentina, Chile, Greece, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland. I would live in a cottage in the Scottish highlands outside of Pitlochry. I would go back to the tiny Methodist church in Adair, Ireland. I would be a librarian, or a cafe/bookstore owner. I would be, no matter where, doing what I loved and doing it fully, rather than having to do many different things at one time. I would be given the opportunity to focus solely on my passions, and live the life I have imagined.

5. What kind of person do you aspire to be?

A selfless person. Someone who sees beyond my tiny personal world and into the hearts of those who are hurting, who need love. A person who is able to constantly give and be love.

6. What is your most valued characteristic in humans?

Patience. Consistency. Discipline. Determination.

(And a nice set of abs. Kidding.)

*** Don’t forget about today’s giveaway!! ***

Come back this afternoon for more details – in the meantime, happy snow day!



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