By the Horns

“What do you do when you’ve had a really rotten, no-good bad day?”


Today was kind of a day like that, and my response is this: go home, have a snack, sit under your favorite leopard blanket and just chill. Have limited human interaction while you get stuff done, and then take a nap. Then eat delicious veggies cooked by your precious roommates for dinner. Take a shower, make a cup of Sleepytime tea, and proceed to kick tomorrow’s Spanish exam en el trasero, all the while hoping that tomorrow’s snow truly delivers. Finish the day off with a little bit of cuddling with your sweetheart, hope for a better tomorrow, classical music, a sugar cookie-scented candle,  and a little encouragement from your mama.

“Take tomorrow by the horns and have a hell of a good day. YOU are the only one in charge of YOU.”



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