The Call

I’ve always loved these sort of things – the lists of questions that give one the opportunity to shamelessly spill the mundane about oneself that otherwise would not be given a voice. These kinds of lists have popped up all over email and Facebook since I was a middle schooler (with awkward hair and strange fashion, no less), and thus it’s only appropriate to resurrect them in the event of a [past/present/future] snowstorm.

Snow days are the best – we had three consecutive ones last week, and I anticipate more in our very near future. *Miniature hooray* Although I do admit, I miss having a schedule and being productive and actually going to school and fulfilling that whole education thing I’m going after.

That being said, I would rather stay curled up in my leopard slippers, pretending to do homework while really making valentines and watching the first season of Mad Men.

So, to all my fellow bloggies out there, here’s the question: Who are you, really?

1. What is your most dear object – the first thing you would grab to save in the instance of a fire?

2. What is your favorite dessert?

3. What do you do when you’ve had a really no-good, rotten, bad day?

4. If you could be doing anything right now – time, money, or resources be damned – what would you do?

5. What kind of person do you aspire to be?

6. What is your most valued characteristic in humans?

I tag Scarlett, Christa, Mille, Jill, Nicky Rumil, Elise, Katherine, Sarah.

Here’s how it works: answer the questions in a post on your blog and refer back to me (pingback!) so that I can read your post. I’m interested in your answers, and hope you all respond!

I’ll post my answers after I get your answers.(Let’s make the due date Wednesday night, to give ample time.)

In the meanwhile, readers, I want to know your answers.

Who are you?


5 thoughts on “The Call

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