Good Morning, Wednesday

I feel like I haven’t really gotten a hold on this semester. I’m still flailing around a bit, as a child uncertain of the waters in the deep end of a pool. Yes, I can swim, and yes, I am organized and alert. But still, I haven’t managed to get my brain around another semester beginning. That, plus all of the other things on top of classes has kept me a busy bee for the last few days.

Here are some of what’s been keeping me on my toes:

This was one of several novels sent to my from Vintage Books, a division of Random House, Inc. in New York to be reviewed for the campus paper. I began with this one, as it seemed to best coincide with my Horror and Violence in Southern Fiction course. Although it took quite a bit (100 pages or so) for my interest to pique, once I was hooked I was hooked. Such a thriller, and so full of the racial intricacies of the Depression-era South.

Once I finished that book, I started You Know Who You Are by Ben Dolnick, also from Vintage Books. I think I began reading it two days ago. I finished it today. It was spectacular: raw and real and poignant without being overtly emotional. It’s so…incredible. Plus, it’s not even published yet, so I feel like a real, grown-up book reviewer.

Today was my Mama’s birthday and tomorrow is my sweet friend Mille‘s birthday! In honor of these special occasions and for my next Food File I decided to make these German Chocolate Whoopie Pies. Check out the article + recipe when it’s posted on Thursday.

I’ve also been taking care of (or trying my best, at least) my sweetheart, who has been sick since the weekend. Send healthy prayers his way — it’s so difficult to be a sick college student when you have classes and assignments and all sorts of other things to keep up with.

On a more pleasant note, he took me to see Old Crow Medicine Show at a local venue on Friday. They were just as amazing, if not more so, than on their albums — perhaps one of the best shows I’ve ever gone to, save the general demeanor of the crowd around us. (Everyone, it seemed was drunk and/or high. And mean. And elbow-y. But seriously, a guy was lighting up on the floor right next to us! Since when does that make a musical performance more powerful or stimulating? *scoff*)

I hope you have a great week and enjoy your Wednesday with a good cup of coffee and a sense of accomplishment.

The week is half over, and there are still so many more things to look forward to!



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