Grey, Grey Day

Now, I have, all of a sudden, become the very worst at posting. Several reasons why: my sweetheart visited me at home; I was consumed with the incredible StyleBy.Me contest (I WON! Thank to everyone for their support – photos coming soon.); I moved back to the apartment; school started, with a whirlwind. Or a fire column. Or just a crazy, crazy start.

But, on the upswing of all things busy and full, we here in NWA have been blessed with a snow day. A day of immaculate white marshmallow fluff, floating down to cover every surface with what looks like baby jellyfish when you drive into it. I love snow days, and plan to use today to be not only productive, but creative. And restful. And photographical. (Wow, spell check didn’t notice that word – I thought I made it up. Is photographical a real word?)

So, until then, here are a few things that I’m loving right now:

As with any New Year’s resolution-maker, I’ve vowed to eat better and, specifically, eat less sugar. Yet, I still think life calls for the enjoyment of little luxuries in moderation. This is why I love size too small‘s idea to bake one really incredible, beautiful cake each month. Baking can be so creative and theraputic, and this would be an excellent idea for a calendar, don’t you think?

Yoga. I went to my first class last night and I can already feel myself breathing better. Boy, was I tight and stiff in all the wrong places…I’m eager to get back in to my practice, and plan on going to classes 3-4 times a week in the evenings. Yoga is a perfect way to end a busy day. That, plus a glass of wine from a thoughtful sweetheart.

This is from an adorable vendor on Etsy, funnelcloud, whose prints are honest and sweet and a great reminder to live life fully. I have big, messy hair, and learning to accept it in its natural state is, for me, just another way of giving up control.

I made these last night and had them for breakfast with fig jam and coffee. I’ve been up since 7 a.m., so you’d better believe there was tons of coffee. But that’s not the point – these Morning Glories are like a healthy breakfast cookie, and were so fun to make in my baby food processor. Here’s the rundown on the ingredients: white beans, honey, lemon zest, dates, oats, anise seed…tons of good stuff. I also cut them into little heart shapes, because who doesn’t want to wake up to a bit of homemade love?

Okay, going to finish an assignment and then adventure out into the Yukon. This should be great fun!

Happy snow day!


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