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In the past week I have finished several of the books on my previous list, and I’d like to share my opinions of and my experiences with these books with you.

Light in August, William Faulkner – This was significantly less painful than The Sound and the Fury (which I hated in high school), but still a little difficult to wade through. Why can’t I enjoy and understand Faulkner? If I want to study Southern lit., isn’t there some sort of requirement for that?? Needless to say, I was thankful to finally wrap this one up, but this could have to do with the fact that I started it in the middle of last semester and haven’t really had the opportunity to read it straight through, sans distractions and interruptions. Better luck next time, I suppose?

The Green Smoothies Diet, Robyn Openshaw – I devoured (teehee) this book in a single evening. It was fascinating and mouth-watering, and made me regret with almost-intelligible pain the cookies and fat and carbs and meat that I consumed in the last semester. Since reading this, I have been drinking at least a little bit of green smoothie every day, and intend on upping my consumption once I start back to school and have less delicious meals to eat with my family. It was so eye-opening to read about the benefits of fruits and vegetables in their raw, glorious state, and I have relished some truly creative recipes: Cranapple Yogurt Crave, One Really Grape Smoothie, and so many more!

Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights, Sophie Dahl – I read this the very night I received this book for Christmas from my parents. I cooked from it tonight, and this is definitely my new favorite cookbook.

The Help, Katherine Stockett – I read this voraciously in two days, and loved every bit. Southern lit., Civil Rights era history, humor, spot-on characterization, inspiration and a call for humanity to reexamine our opinions of one another. This book has been on all of the 2010 best-seller lists, and now I understand why. I’ll be eager to see if the film version is as good as the book.

Instead of shrinking, my book list has grown in the past week. Although I’ve finished four, I’ve gained three more!


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