30/30 Update

I have failed at photographically documenting my outfits.

I exchanged one striped shirt for another, one solid blue shirt for another. (Was that cheating?)

I bought something…some stuff, I mean. Who can resist Christmas sales?? A pair of shoes, shirt, some tights (My old ones got a run!), a New Year’s dress (this was factored into my 30/30 though)…

Most of my days have consisted of sweatpants, sports bras and old t-shirts from high school. Plus hiking boots on special occasions.

I left one pair of [crucial] shoes in St. Louis.

I have entirely forgotten about the contents of my closet at the apartment. Going back will be like heaven in a candy store.

Would Kendi be proud? Probably not. She might, in fact, shake her head at me and my naiveté. Although, as far as I can tell, she is very kind and funny and would understand that I’m a silly, lazy girl who likes to read on the couch all day in her pajamas.

What if that becomes the next challenge?

“Wear sweats and don’t leave the house for as many days in a row as possible” sounds promising, no? No.

And even though the official thirty-day period hasn’t concluded [YET–6 DAYS], I have learned a great deal about what is important about what I wear, how to be creative, the worth of saving money on clothing, what I value in my current closet and what things should really not be worn any longer.

Although I must confess, there is a pair of really great booties calling my name, and you better believe that I’m all over those babies as soon the thirty-day mark hits. Because that’s when the guilt will subside.

Note: This has been pretty fun. Many thanks again to Kendi for her sweet advice, and for all those who have left comments and followed my sporadic documentation. I hope you all give it a try!


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