A Fresh Start

Even though the semester is coming up and I’m not exactly looking forward to breaking my sleep-in, stay-up-late-reading, habits, I am looking forward to a few things.

One thing I love about a new year is the official opportunity to start over. To symbolize this, I have often embarked on major cleaning missions or redecorating missions. This year, I’m going to do a little of both with my room in the apartment, and totally rearrange my furniture. It is refreshing to the eye and is, for me, a metaphor for a new start and a clean beginning. Now, how to fit my bike and stationary trainer in there too…

My pumpkin granola.

This is a need but also a want: I’m so excited to make up a fresh batch of granola. I’m not in the habit of eating the same breakfast every day, but it’s nice to have a Ziplock bag full of homemade granola in the freezer for when I need to add some crunch to cereal or yogurt, or even a green smoothie. The last batch I made was pumpkin granola, and it was delicious although not as crunchy as desired (this was due to a kitchen execution error on my part), and this time I’m going to try out a favorite blog’s recipe. Doesn’t this look soo good? (Funny  name too!)

via Honest Fare

I’m also experimenting with the idea of homemade museli. I can’t bear to buy it in the store because I know it won’t be near as good as what I had in Ireland this summer at all of those incredible bed & breakfasts, plus it’s apparently extremely easy to make at home. This blog is another favorite, and their recipe looks incredible.

The documentation of this next year is important to me. In 2010, I went through so many changes, and although I remember them all perfectly, I wish I had documented the year better, with photos and writing and scrapbooked ticket stubs and whatnot. This year, I plan to do just that by keeping folders and a big blank sketchbook to record all of the memories for 2011. This blog helps a lot with memory-keeping, especially when it comes to the small details like what I’m cooking or what crazy mood I’m in, but I also want something permanent, something tactile that I can keep and pack into boxes when I move, and unpack and thumb through when I arrive somewhere. This is a project that is still in the works, mind you, but I’ve been very inspired by this girl and her many paper projects.

via Elise JOY

Finally, I am so excited about intentionally making yoga a part of my weekly schedule. I have missed it so much, and this past semester has been a good learning opportunity by way of cause and effect.

Cause: Erin doesn’t make time for caring for herself, her health, her fitness, or her mind/spirit.


Yoga/Arts & crafts/granola/interior design — here I come!



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