It’s already beginning, and I’m trying my hardest to keep the floodgates from opening entirely on the remainder of my break. Preparations for the next semester have begun: books are ordered, supply lists are being drawn up, meetings are scheduled, Traveler assignments are beginning, and I am wishing it was still Christmas.

But, even though I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, I am so thankful for the still-restful time here at home. This morning, I slept in and spent most of the day reading a  novel. (I’m on The Help now, and it’s great!)

I want to take this time to get as much ahead as I possibly can on the things I have to do. For example, I’m looking forward to visiting Office Depot soon to stock up on semester organizational products, folders and binders and all sorts of fun little labeling devices.

I’m also planning to make up tons of web budgets in advance – my goal is to make at least five in advance (as far as one can make a journalistic plan in advance) before I go back to school.

However, there is such a thing as too much planning. *Raises hand* I am guilty of this…and so, after posting this I’m going to log off, close my [broken] computer, and head into town for dinner with an old friend. I will be unplugged for the rest of the night, and plan to have more “unplugged” time in the upcoming year. The Internet is great, but real life is truly as good as it gets!


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