Did you watch the lunar eclipse last night? I had a moon date with my sweetheart, but only managed to wake up halfheartedly and peek out my bedroom window before falling back asleep.

All of the photos online are really cool, though.

The majority of the day yesterday was spent in sweats, and it wasn’t until my two best friends called me up for a movie date that I finally put on some pants, but didn’t manage to document it.

So to remedy that I wore the same thing today for lunch out with my mama, plus a little last minute gift-shopping for good measure. The photos were shot next to our weather-beaten grape vines.

Outfit 5/30:

Wool jacket, Ann Taylor

Silk blouse, Gap

Jeans + leopard flats, American Eagle

Necklace, Mama

{Photo credit: JACR}


Please forgive the awkward blouse-ing of the blouse. I am not pregnant, nor have I gained approximately fifteen pounds in my torso. It was just a little breezy today, that’s all.


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