One Man’s Wilderness

What a beautiful Sunday. Had a nice morning and breakfast with my people before church, where I saw tons of friends and family and was honored to document my baby cousin’s christening. My sweetheart has been home with me for a few days, and this afternoon he departed for his home, with books and farm-fresh eggs and inordinate amounts of cookies in tow. (I’m glad he’s taking the cookies…There is such a thing as too many cookies.)

Outfit 4/30:

Denim dress, Forever 21

Plaid blouse, Delia’s

cranberry tights, Forever 21

Black boots, Michelle D

For the first time in a long time, we have been able to just be, without stress and worry and all the gogogo that characterizes a typical semester. We’ve lazed around, reading and tinkering with bikes, taking roadtrips and eating Chinese food. Last night we sat and watched Inception (whoa) and realized that this was the first movie we’d ever watched together, just us.

What a blessing the simple things are. How fortunate we have been to learn the value of hard work, and then to reap the rewards of our efforts in the form of rest. I am thankful for this season in which we can slow down and notice all the love around us. I am thankful for a remote place to retreat to after a long, tough semester in which I can just be.


2 thoughts on “One Man’s Wilderness

    • Thank you so much, you sweet thing! I’m so proud of this dress – got it on the Forever 21 sale rack for about $5. Yeahhh. You should try the challenge, it’s very eye-opening and fun so far, although I may be singing a different tune by day 15…

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