This Is Not A Test

Yesterday I went to the mall to finish up some last-minute Christmas shopping, and was very tempted by all of the great sales going on. “Buy something, get something else for 60% off! Buy 2, get 1 free! 700% off sale! Holiday Blowout!” Ugh. It was exhausting to see all of the stuff, and even though I might’ve wanted some on-sale shoes or clearance cardigans, it would have only supported the common theme of commercial Christmas – that is, to get more, more, more.

I do not need more anything. I am blessed to be provided for in every way, and I am thankful for it every day.

But don’t get me wrong, I lust after new things all the time. It has taken careful mental training to get even where I am now, which is really not that far from the materialism of the masses.

And so, in a conscious effort to reduce my buying, to appreciate and use what I have, and thereby supporting the less commercial version of Christmas, I’m embarking on the “30 for 30” challenge, created by the lovely Kendi of Kendi Everyday.

In this challenge, I chose 30 items of clothing, including shoes but excluding accessories (and, for me, pajamas, workout gear, and outdoor gear) and mix and match for 30 days. Kendi and some bloggie friends just finished up a round of official “30-for-30” fun, so I’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon. But it actually works out perfectly for my schedule: I just got home from college for winter break, and thus am cut off from my full closet. This challenge has definitely simplified my typically complex packing-for-home, and will encourage me to stretch my creative muscles and be more appreciative for what I have in my closet. (And more importantly, the people I have around me. For what are shirts and skirts compared to the love between hearts?)

Here are my 30 items:

Shoes – tall boots, oxfords, flats and heels.

Dresses – sweater, LBD, denim and shirt.

Jackets – varsity, wool, cardigan, wrap and sweatervest.

Bottoms – skinny jeans, holey jeans, navy cords, suede skirt, utilitarian skirt and tweed shorts.

Tops – denim, checked, striped, plain tees, silk blouse and floral tie-neck blouse.

*     *     *     *     *

You may have only counted 29 items and, yes, it’s true: there are only 29 items.

I’m saving the last item for New Year’s Eve, so keep an eye out…

Or perhaps I should warn you shield your eyes? It’s very sparkly.

I’m excited to see where this “30 for 30” challenge takes me, it should be a blast!


4 thoughts on “This Is Not A Test

  1. That’s so interesting. I’m pretty sure I could handle that. Unfortunately I’d have to choose several jose’s shirts which would make things difficult. How long did it take you to decide what to choose?

  2. You should try it! Jose’s shirts don’t have to count, because it’s a uniform and something you are required to wear 🙂
    It took me a while to decide on my thirty things, but I picked my favorite items and some things that would work in many situations, plus a similar color palette for the entire duration of the challenge. Even if you don’t do it for the whole 30 days, I think it’s worth it to reevaluate what we have versus what we need.

  3. The Seven Day Challenge « cheapassness

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