Little Dutch Girl

Day 1 of the “30 for 30” challenge has come and gone. Outfit 1 was less-than-exciting, but today consisted of bike repair shops and tea-drinking and lounging. I didn’t need anything too impressive, but I did need functional-cute comfort.

I’m really not good at this whole getting-my-photo-taken thing, although the boy did a great job nonetheless.

A less serious shot. I tried to jump and, obviously, it didn’t work. But at least you can see my shoes!

Pretty cold. Pretty girl. (And by girl I mean car.)

Outfit 1/30:

Blouse, Old Navy

Cardigan + Belt, New York & Co.

Jeans, American Eagle

Oxfords, DSW (brand forgotten…)


2 thoughts on “Little Dutch Girl

  1. you are a blogpost writing machine. by christmas, i will have written 2 (hopefully). unfortunately one will be of the football variety, but you might enjoy the other (christmas-themed) one.

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