Monday Night Is:

Taco night.

Headaches and runny noses.

Raw, vegan collard wraps.

Tears of frustration.

Vix vapor rub.

Chocolate chip cookie cake.


*     *     *     *     *     *

Why has this semester been so wonderful, and yet so exhausting and disastrous?


One thought on “Monday Night Is:

  1. It is 4:00 AM and I’m still writing a paper due at 10:00 in the morning. I know I’ll get it finished and by the grace of God I’m staying awake. Plus, actually think my paper is good. However, if I don’t go to sleep soon then I’m probably four hours away from insanity. As a senior, I was proud to say that I’ve never had to do an “all-nighter” but this may be a new experience for me.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly. I’d make you tea and give you a foot massage if I was there. 🙂

    Love you and see you sooner rather than later.


    P.S. I’m definitely experiencing that twitching thing you were talking about. I feel like a tweaker.

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