A Stray Cat Can Mend All

I have been astounded by all of the things gone wrong…sickness, unsavory grades, injuries, car problems…

Quite frankly, it’s been exhausting and frustrating. I have been so tempted to melt down and succumb to negativity.

But today in the car, on my way to the dealer for repairs, I heard this song by Natalie Grant that shook me out of blahh:

I will stumble
I will fall down
But I will not be moved
I will make mistakes
I will face heartache
But I will not be moved
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
I will not be moved

This song is simple, and even arguably overplayed and trite as far as Christian radio. But it was effective.

My perspective shifted, and my joy returned.

Things can go wrong all day long, but as long as my God is on the throne I am content.

And this is life, right?

Nothing is perfect, nothing is always fair…

And yet the little moments of unsuspected joy – a beautiful sunset, gingerbread waffles for breakfast, an affirming phone call, coffee dates, a stray cat on an adventure who loves affection –

can bring bits of light to a grey day.

I hope you all are enjoying this December. I hope you all are avoiding disasters and looking out for the unexpected joy.


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