Saturday Morning Is…

Buckwheat pancakes, with the mix from War Eagle Mill.

A whole pot of fresh coffee.

Grey, rainy light.

Hiding away in the library to study philosophy. (LAST FINAL TONIGHT!)

The end is near, and I think I’m going to make it, although just barely. I’ve begun to shake…is that bad? I’ve had plenty of protein in the last few days, but I think the problem is anxiety and being at the mental end of my rope and near the point of exhaustion than any sort of lack of sleep or nutrients.

Plans for Post-Final Relaxation:

Cookie party and girlfriend time.


Crafting – I’ve got so many cool projects just begging to be conquered.

A PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE. (I’m cultivating a rock garden in my shoulders right now…)


It’s going to be a good break. Hold on…it’s almost here *convincing myself*


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