I love college?

I love college. The past week and a half have been almost too collegiate to be true…as per the inspiration of my dear friend Mille, I will list a few extra-college-y things I’ve been a part of lately into which I never thought I would fall.

1.) Not showering – Totally did that this week, maybe even twice. But it was mainly concerning hair-washing, and I promise I am a very, very hygenic person.

2.) Eating crazy things when my schedule gets crazy – My most recent example of this is last night’s dinner, which consisted of a slice of apple pie, a glass of almond milk, a piece of toast with hummus, and 2 chocolate chip cookies. I die.

3.) Not doing laundry – Last week I stripped my sheets and never made time to wash them, and thus spent four nights sleeping on blankets and a mattress pad. It was still cozy. Hmm, come to think of it, this maybe wasn’t a good decision when combined with the less-frequent-showers thing…

4.) This is perhaps the biggest one – pulling an all-nighter. I may or may not be preparing to do such a task tonight. I have a History final tomorrow morning and have chosen to spend today doing the following: studying for and taking another final. Making soup (I’m really proud of this one. It was yummy). Reading for History (Okay, this was a good decision. I feel guilty about the rest.). Taking a nap (I reeeaaally couldn’t help it). Christmas shopping with my dad (This was a good decision. We got lots done and had a wonderful time together. People are more important than tests.).

Therefore, I must now embark on my very first foray into all-nighter territory, or at least as close as I have ever come.

This is how I am preparing:

Lots of coffee. Messy bun. No makeup. Sweatpants. Glasses are coming soon. Fear is forced down with more coffee.

Wish me luck, all! My maiden voyage awaits…


4 thoughts on “I love college?

  1. I love this post. I love that you procrastinate. I love that you haven’t showered. I love that you appreciate what matters, and you’re so successful while you keep a good attitude about your trials.

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