Frosty Mornings

I am so very fortunate to live in a warm house with plenty of warm food. My life is comfortable and for it I am so very blessed. This fact should never leave my mind, but I am reminded of all of this and more as it grows colder and as the holidays approach.

Every year my church collects names from Children’s House, a local shelter/daycare for abused and neglected infants and toddlers, and we all sign up to give the kids gifts, coats and hats. It’s such a special morning to watch those precious babies open presents and shriek with delight. Many of them won’t have a Christmas in their homes, as many of them don’t have much of a family by way of love and support.

The homeless population in NWA is helped out greatly by our local homeless shelter, 7 Hills. The organization provides food and other basic necessities, helps find housing, assists with job training and offers counseling services…but in this cold winter weather, can you imagine another human – a child? an elderly woman? – sleeping on the chilling concrete sidwalk without shivering yourself?

We are so fortunate. Yes, finals and car payments and grocery bills suck. But we have a roof. We have blankets. We have hot cereal.

I made this in the a.m. because I was hungry and cold. It’s thick and hearty with a kind of stick-to-your-ribs wholesomeness.

Try it if you can, but if the only thing in your pantry is oatmeal, go with what you’ve got.

*     *    *     *     *

Savor the simplicity.

Appreciate what you have.

Love those who haven’t got anything at all, and take note of all the blessings around.

This hot cereal is best with a little cinnamon and vanilla, plus some milk and honey stirred in at the end. It’s creamy and crunchy and warm and satisfying. It’s locally ground and available at War Eagle Mill, plus a few grocery stores that carry the Mill’s products.


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