Sound of Silence

This past week was completely hellacious and exhausting. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we move on to finals week which, surprisingly, is a pleasant reprise from my previous crazy-sleepy-grumpy-writing-papers existence three days ago.

To unclench from our harried schedules, the boy and I took the entirety of Saturday to adventure and explore without time constraints or expectations. I didn’t touch my computer or my cell phone for almost 24 hours, and it was a blessing.

I encourage all of you to try it sometime – get away from the demands of the world, from the addiction of technology and just drive somewhere beautiful. Admire old houses on a downtown street, gasp with childlike wonder at the pine trees on a mountain ridge, stretching up to kiss the clouds. Stop at that diner you’ve always wanted to try. Go live!

Here are some shots from that glorious day. Memories of it will help propel me into joy as the exams loom closer.

Massive, amazing breakfast at Susan's.

War Eagle Mill

Always break for tea and books.

Happy Monday to all! What are some little joyous things you’ve been doing lately?


One thought on “Sound of Silence

  1. Speaking of silance, you should look at John Cage’s “4’33″” and his philosophy of silence, it’s quite interesting.

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