SEA (Sugar-Eaters Anonymous) – Day #1

So, perhaps today you were thinking, “Hey, this no-sugar thing isn’t really that bad at all.”

“It really isn’t that bad at all. Yeah, this isn’t too ba…Wait. Is that the Students to Free Tibet bake sale? They’re selling banana bread made by a real, live Tibetan monk. And carrot cake cupcakes. CARROT CAKE CUPCAKES.”


Perhaps today you were thinking about the delicious fall treats that everyone else in the world is enjoying.

Perhaps you, in fact, lusted after a pumpkin pie concrete from Andy’s.

Perhaps today you thought about how silly this whole no-sugar thing is.

But really, it’s only day one. And resisting sugar isn’t that hard – in fact, it’s easy…as pie!

*      *      *      *      *      *

For the next few days, it’s important that you drink lots and lots of water to help flush out your dependence on sweets and keep sugar-headaches at bay. Try your best to get plenty of sleep and, if you’re prone to drinking coffee or tea, a little extra caffeine wouldn’t hurt in your anti-sugar efforts.

When the cravings get too much to handle, eat fruit. Sucrose is nature’s healthy sugar, and a hearty, fiber-filled, juicy-sweet apple is the perfect thing to satisfy a rogue sweet tooth. Or, a hot cup of green tea with a teaspoon of honey can also be a fantastic balm.

Good luck, my fellow sugar-abstainers. Take heart, and try not to think about Thanksgiving.

P.S. I ate two apples today to prevent eating cake. Yeahhh.


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