Get Behind Me, Satan

.half-spelt chocolate cake with peanut butter ganache.

.s’mores chocolate cobbler.

.sticky toffee pudding.


Delicious, right?


I’ve been eating waaaaaaay too much sugar lately, and I want to stop. Especially since the holidays are approaching.

Especially since finals are approaching.

I know that sugar is highly addictive and bad for me in such large amounts.

It weakens the immune system and causes all sorts of other problems.

It is so bad.


But I hate the thought of something like that controlling me, and so I am embarking upon a campaign to reduce my dependence on and my love of sugar.

Not forever, just for now.

Will you join me? I would love your support!

If so, please leave a comment, and join the ranks of the sugar-free-ers.

We can do this until Thanksgiving at least, I promise you.

Watch out for tips and updates. I’ll let you know how this goes and will try my best to chronicle the intensity of the withdrawl headaches.

*goodbye chocolate chip cookies*

*I will always love you*


One thought on “Get Behind Me, Satan

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