The Pumpkin Assault Begins

I have become obsessed with pumpkin(s).

Okay, so really I’m obsessed with pumpkin all the time, I just let loose my craziness in all its splendor come fall.

This year it’s no different. It began with a slice of Starbucks’ famed pumpkin loaf, transitioned into pumpkin muffins for a camp out, and most lately has emerged in the form of pumpkin pancakes. (This morning, topped with maple syrup. Mmm…)

And now I’m munching on a big batch of homemade pumpkin granola – with big, crispy orange chunks of spiced goodness, mixed with craisins, almonds, pepitas, chopped dates and wheat germ. It’s amazing with [pumpkin] yogurt or on top of [pumpkin] pancakes, a la this a.m.

But I would say it’s best enjoyed with a bowl of ice cold vanilla soymilk. It enhances the crunch.

Read my article for the recipe – it’s so easy, and this is good for you and equally delicious.

(And expect more pumpkin obsession around here. Nothing can stop the madness!)


One thought on “The Pumpkin Assault Begins

  1. let the pumpkin madness reign!!! i say we hold a massive pumpkin fest. one of these friday afternoons. cooking, eating, carving, roasting – just whatever. eh? mille and katherine and you and i and bailey and ANYONE who loves pumpkins?!
    p.s. i envy your obvious food-abilities. you’re talented!

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