Things To Do

I usually keep a running list of things to do in my head.

For important things, like newspaper articles that need writing and novels that need reading for English class, and on and on…I write them down in my planner. My planner saves my life many times. It is not only divided into daily and weekly slots, but hourly as well.

The angels sing when I open the pages. It is Tiffany blue.

But for fun things and useful, self-betterment things, and exciting, adventuresome things, I think about them. I think you should too.

What about DIY Greek yogurt? I adore Greek yogurt – the thick, creamy richness is so satisfying and packed with protein and feels like a decadent treat – but it’s quite expensive. So much so, that it physically hurts me.

*Hands over five dollar bill.*

*Spleen spasms*

But this girl makes it look effortless         and – bonus! – it’s cost efficient.

Doesn’t this just look divine?

This is Tay Forest Park in Perthshire, Scotland. I can hardly believe that I was here with my family just two short months ago…One thing I think about a great deal is that trip, but the purpose of this photo is to symbolize nature and, primarily, camping. I want a campfire and starlight, the smell of deep forest and to wear my flannel and hiking boots.

I want to go running. The weather is perfect, my body is healthy and (although not in shape) willing to do some distance work, but time escapes me. I am very vexed. And flabby.

(Recently got a running plan. Looks like I’m going to suck it up and run in the mornings.Grr.)

I also want to ride my bike all over the trails and get into a yoga studio.

Thrift stores have been calling my naaaame…Hello, strange polyester skirts that I can repurpose! Hello, interesting flannel shirts! Hello, overalls!

Yes, overalls. If she can do it, i can.

The Sartorialist

I also want to have parties: dinner parties, dress-up-as-your-favorite-literary-character parties, backyard croquet teaparties, Murder Mystery parties, cookie exchange parties, swap meets, blacklight parties, block parties…want to come to my party?

This weekend I hope to cross a few things off my list, like: running in the park, watching old movies, going to a pumpkin patch-apple orchard-corn maze, taking a roadtrip, attending my first Cardinals baseball game, and actually having some down time to relax and rest.

Sounds like a productive time, no?

What are your plans for the weekend? Enjoy it, whatever you do!


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