“I Went to the Woods Because I Wanted to Live Deliberately…”

Yesterday I went hiking, and it was glorious. The weather was perfect – so cool and crisp, with sun and breezes and that smell in the air. You know that air: it smells like campfire and russet leaves on the ground and sweaters and apple cider.

My girls and I talked and walked and marveled at the gorgeous lake and forest.

We made friends with the locals.

And when I got home I could hardly bear to be indoors again after such an incredible afternoon.

I did a little research, and as it turns out we hiked     about five miles, all the way around the lake and       across the paved and nature trails.

And I was thrilled to discover that the lake trails       will be a perfect place for biking! I just got my             new (eek!) bike today, and I’m so excited to ride it     around the local trails, to the farmer’s market, to       the coffeeshops and yoga.

Photos and maiden voyage experience to come soon. In the meantime, pray for my bike safety, as I do not fully trust my grace and/or personal coordination.


2 thoughts on ““I Went to the Woods Because I Wanted to Live Deliberately…”

  1. Dear lady, that you quote Thoreau on your blog does wonders for my fall-feathered heart. I have, too, made it my intent to live life deliberately so as not to miss a single second of it, to peer through the seams of God’s fabricwork and discover how it is that things are, to not merely see existence but to observe it, feel it, be it. I have thus renounced my “life of quiet desperation” in favor of one that abandons all unnatural strivings for feigned, ill-perceived and vainglorious attainment of riches and fame. I vow to live simply and magnanimously for no other reason than my understanding that my soul tells me I am at my happiest and most sane living that way.

    Thank you for your beautiful empathy and equally lovely words.


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