Dinner Time

It’s dinner time here and I just scarfed a salad.

There. That’s my groundbreaking, first-sentence-in-the-history-of-the-blog.

The importance of my salad-eating stems from an entire day of camping/pseudo-tailgating, standing in line and in stadium seating, cheering on my beloved Razorbacks until I was hoarse and sunburnt.

Me and my sweetheart, taking solace from the sun/disappointing game in lemonade.

I needed nourishment. My crew and I had packed various snacks for the night before and all of today, but nothing was wholesome and green; rather, our munchies were more in line with that of salt & vinegar chips (couldn’t keep my greedy paws off them), pumpkin muffins and soggy sandwiches.

And still we lost the game.


So, as exhausted and dehydrated and sleep-deprived as I may currently be, I’m writing and sneaking scraps of shredded carrot because I have ideas.

I have ideas that I want to share – about life, love, design, food, writing…That I want to document and build upon, if for no other reason that to have them put to paper…er, Internet?

Thus, I leave you with my rambles and a few happy inspirations I’ve had of late. Enjoy, good night, and go Hogs!

A gorgeous bedroom, via the little red house.

My little red chicken girls from home – they give us the best fresh eggs!

My mama took this photo one morning a couple of weeks ago – I love how the fall dew so delicately attaches to the spiderweb.

The cake I made for my daddy’s birthday – a half-spelt chocolate cake from this lovely lady, plus DIY vegan peanut butter ganache from this inspiring gal.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around. Much love, E


2 thoughts on “Dinner Time

  1. Sounds like you had an interesting day, and even though we lost also glad that you did find nuriousment at some point. Sleep well and sweet dreams.

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